Hara Miko Shimai

The protagonist, Akira Yamanabe, after graduating from university, set out on a journey by himself. Somewhere along the road of that journey, around an unfamiliar rural area, he accidentally arrives upon a shrine, where he gets possessed by an evil perverted spirit that should have been sealed away.

Soon after, dirty thoughts start running wild throughout his mind and in order to exorcise the evil spirit, he asks the local shrine maidens, sisters Hazuki Kagura and Uzuki Kagura, for help, to try and purify it, so as to further prevent it from engaging into any perverted acts…

Hara Miko Shimai Free Download


Title Hara Miko Shimai
Original title 孕ら巫女姉妹
Aliases Impregnated Shrine Maiden Sisters
Length Short (2 – 10 hours)
Developer Swanmania
Publishers Swanmania


Hara Miko Shimai Free Download


Hara Miko Shimai Free Download


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